We had a girl who often came to our home for shabbos. Being that she was a baalas teshuva and made aliya on her own, she had many questions about halacha and various aspects of her life that we were unable to answer. I felt that she needed a Rav to ask her shailas to and sent her to Rav Malinowitz. I emailed the Rav asking him some of her questions, but the Rav wasn’t content to answer me without speaking to her personally so that He could adequately understand her situation. He answered her frequent questions as though he had all the time in the world. One day she asked the Rav whether she was allowed to study for an exam on shabbos. He responded that she wasn’t however The Rav wanted her to provide him with her name so that He could daven for her hatzlacha. Amazing right? As if Rav Malinowitz didn’t have dozens of pressing situations to daven for already. But the story isn’t over. The Rav once again went the extra mile and emailed her on the day of the exam to wish her hatzlacha because he understood that it would give her the chizzuk that she needed.