Matos/Masei Bulletin in PDF format

What is Kabalas Shabbos?

  • Six Chapters in Tehillim, which ‘represent’ the six days which just passed. They describe the happiness that the world will experience in the days of Moshi’ach, when time will resemble one long Shabbos.
  • Ana b’ko’ach alludes to a mystical name of HaShem with which the world was created.
  • Lecho dodi  is…well, Lecho dodi!
  • Then chapters 92 and 93 which describe the righteousness and majesty of HaShem’s kingship that will prevail in yemos HaMoshi’ach.

Come listen to my shiur this Tuesday night at Menorat HaMo’ar about dinei aliyah l’Har HaBayis (ask Aryeh Sonnenberg for details and about the rest of the program). I will be discussing, among other things, the mitzvah of morah Mikdash, and the many poskim who hold that there is such a chiyuv in a Shul or Beis Medrash-mid’oraiysa!