Morai VeRabosaiy, and Ladies of BTYA:

Since Rosh HaShana, I have been talking about various aspects of emunah , bitachon, and awareness of HaShem’s presence in our lives.  I suggested  learning the shoresh hamitzva fron the Sefer Hachinuch (perhaps at the Shabbos table). Also, that we  increase awareness of the 6 constant mitzvohs (which are basically HaShem-awareness). And  finally, contemplating the 30 cheshbonos of the Chovohs HaLevavohs in  Shaar Cheshbon haNefesh (which R’ Shmuel Bisk actually has been sending out each Sunday to the subscribers of his 1 MINUTE Avodah email list).

A) I have come across a sefer called “Ta’amei Sefer HaChinuch” where the author has printed  the Chinuch on all 613 mitzvohs, but ONLY the paragraph stating the basic description of the mitzvah, and the paragraph stating the shoresh hamitzvah. This is perfect! This sefer just came out (was the author by my Shabbos Shuvah derasha?), is authored by David Shoonmacher, who can be reached at 052-765-7278,or at to find out where the sefer is sold, or to order it. (I have a copy at Shul for your perusal)

B) There  are many sefarim and even videos and audio explanations of the 6 constant mitzvohs on the web. And of course there is the sefer The Six Constant Mitzvohs by Rav Yitzchok Berkowitz.
Here are links to Rav Noach Weinberg:

AND—I have a wonderful series of articles by a Mrs Shani Mendlowitz on the 6 constant mitzvohs, and will send them to you upon request.

C)   I have made copies of the 30 cheshbonos of the Chovohs HaLevavohs from the sefer Kitzur Chovohs HaLevavohs (and they, too, are b’kitzur). I can send it to you via e-mail if you wish to study them and contemplate their points. Or you can subscribe to R’ Shmuel’s mailings, and ask for back mailings from when he started this series.

So HaShem is making it quite easy for you to really really do this!

Rabbosaiy and Ladies—HaShem has done His–now it’s your turn!

Thank you.