We have been presented with a great opportunity to be a part of and do something incredibly meaningful this Yom Hazikaron.

Lekedoshim is a project to complete at least one siyum ha’shas Bavli, one siyum mishnayos and one siyum tanach on Yom Hazikaron by having people learn either a daf of gemara, a perek of mishnayos or a perek of tanach in memory of the chayalim noflim who have been killed defending us and Eretz Yisrael. Each daf or perek is assigned to a specific chayal nofel with details of the chayal nofel given to the participant. Lekedoshim’s ultimate goal is to have something learned for each chayal nofel on Yom Hazikaron (26,000+, r”l).

The biggest challenge Lekedoshim usually faces is the siyum ha’shas Bavli (they already have the siyum mishnayos and a few siyumei tanach covered). So, since BTYA is always up for a challenge, we have undertaken to help in the siyum ha’shas Bavli by learning Maseches Bechoros.

On Yom Hazikaron, you can learn in BTYA or anywhere else, but we would like to learn this maseches as one kehilla l’ilui nishmos all of the chayalei noflim, to whom we owe so much and who should be in our minds and hearts on that day. It is a very special and meaningful and kadosh way we can give to those who gave the ultimate for all of us.

So please sign up for at least a daf here. Don’t wait. Feel free to ask your sons if they want to learn a daf as well. If we fill it up and there is a ratzon to do more, we can arrange for an additional maseches.

You can see more about Lekedoshim at www.lekedoshim.com

Thank you and tizku l’mitzvos,