I had the unpleasant job of telling my now happily married friend in New York about the Rav’s petira. She immediately burst into tears.

Why? He touched her life . She knew the Rav from his Beis Din in Monsey . She met him when she was getting her get. She said he was so nice. The Rav had to leave in the process because he was moving to Israel. She said,”I always wanted to meet him again. I wanted to thank him and tell him that I moved on with my life.” She said,”Now he knows.”

She mentioned that she was going to the Kever of the Lubavitcher Rebbe that day. It was during the shiva. I asked her to daven for the Rav. I told her that he loved learning and teaching Tanya.

That’s the story of how the Rav had a shaliach, at the Ohel, during his shiva.