Olam Chesed Yibaneh chart in PDF format.

Moraiy VeRabosaiy, and Ladies of BTYA:

This past Shabbos I spoke in Shul about how something spiritual always has the power of renewal, of hischadshus, of freshness, while temporal matters, under the auspices of time, get boring, and lose their thrill. I also talked about spiritual matters possibly being performed perfunctorily, making them, in effect, temporal; and how seemingly temporal matters can be experienced spiritually, keeping them fresh, exciting, and new.

I gave a few examples: Songs; trips; davening; learning; marriages.

A few weeks ago, the Shul collectively embarked upon a Chessed Initiative, where we, and our children, would focus on what we could do for a fellow Jew. A chart was designed (thank you, Mrs Lavi!), and everyone really “got into it”. The hope, the prayer, was that this collective effort would call down a shefa of chessed resulting in a refu’ah shelaymah for Yeshaya Shalom ben Malka Gitel. This was based also on various writings of the Chofetz Chaim.

It is now a few weeks later. Did your passion quiet down? Is the chart on the refrigerator now covered up with Pesach drawings?

It is now just before Pesach. The need, and opportunities, for chessed undoubtedly abound.

And Yeshaya Shalom is still waiting. As are his parents. As are all of us. Every DAY may be consequential.

Please re-awaken the excitement, the fervor, the eagerness.

Does someone you know (or don’t know!) need help with_____? (fill in the blank)

Be proactive, please–Yeshaya Shalom deserves our help!

Speak out that it is being done l’zechus refu’as Yeshaya Shalom Ben Malka Gitel.

AND ALSO—KEEP THOSE TEFILLOS coming! How many times did Moshe Rabbeinu daven that he be allowed to enter Eretz Yisrael? 515. Five hundred and fifteen.

Didn’t get “bored”.

Rabbosaiy, Ladies: Let’s go!