It sounds like a catchy title but is really true-

Some years ago I asked the Rav Tz’l if i could / should travel the USA with a famous rabbi to help him with technicalities on his fund raising trip..
…. “wlll you be in Monsey?” “Yes, why?” I was bewildered- – you have to go to my miynan……….. It is in a nursing home, you go in the back door…up the stairs.. there is a main room and in the back is a room / Shul

So we went for the netz minyan.

A Room full of men in black suits, whit shirts and non of the clothing brand new. We could have been in Europe 90 years ago or Washington Heights. These are Yekkiies. Have you ever dovened next to someone and felt like a total shmatta? Yeah, like…. the guy next to you is definitely speaking with Hashem, His best buddy- they are connected … while I a merely mouthing some words from a siddur. It happens to me often. This time – this was an entire minyan like that- I was literally shaking to be with them. I’ll share some details.

Before Aleynu I went to a few “mispallim” and played dumb- “who is the Rav of this minyan?” In unison they answered Rav Chaim Zev Malinowitz” “Can I ask him if I can make an announcement?- Well he is not here right now, you can ask the Gabbai over there.
Being in different parts of the USA people who “give”have a certain fluidness to whiping out their money or check book ( this is before the CC swiper) and go through theri routine of tzeddakah.

Not here:

This one slowly methodicly pulled out his wallet, He put it on the table. He picked it up…. with clear defined motion. He picked up his wallet … in the back compartment is a check folded to just fit the space in the wallet. He spoke prasingly about the organzation and the rabbi in charge of it. As so too each member of the minyan- As if this was the only mitzvah of tzaddakah that year was being done on that morning with this charity. This is the way I envision Angels performing mitzvot

So I had to spill the beans- Yes, I doven in BTYA where Rav Malinowitz….

He is still our Rav here, just because he lives in Israel, we still consider him as our Rav and ask him Sheilas….

As close as this minyan is to the Al-Mighty, they knew, even many years after the Malinowitz family moved to Eretz Hakodesh…. NEVER to let go of the RAV.

Martin Schorr