I had to find someone to ask a shaila in taharas hamishpacha on Shabbos–it was necessary that day–I lived in his neighborhood in Sanhedria/Pagi.

I have another rav I usually ask but not with hours on Shabbos. I went running around to see who might be around to ask.

He was most gracious about seeing me and came to the conclusion that the shaila had to be looked at in the light of day outside on his mirpeset.

This was when he already had a problem with his leg and even getting up and moving around was not a simple thing. I realized that and apologized for the tircha, asked if I should find another Rav to ask.

He said something to the effect of–no, you’ve got a shaila and it has to be answered. Then he mustered up a lot of energy to get up and took me out to the mirpeset–and in his usual way explained his psak in a very kind and clear way.

Besides seeing him at the very few times I went to Neitz–I did not see him a lot. But now that he has suddenly gone, I appreciate how lucky we were to have him around.