Morai veRabosaiy and Ladies of BTYA:

Shalom aleichem, peace unto you.

As for me, Hakadosh Baruch Hu has seen fit to give me a turbulent tekufah in life. That in itself is a chessed haShem, as I have had an extremely blessed life. To the degree that it worried me, in the stillness of night, if I were getting my s’char in olom hazeh. The current pain-filled matzav of confusion and lack of direction and clarity has calmed me down somewhat about that, though I could speak for hours about the chasdei HaShem which suffuses my present matzav as well.

I attribute this to your tefillos, your berachos, and your actions which are done in my zechus.

A major, perhaps THE major ramification of the present matzav is my inability to carry out fully my obligations vis-à-vis the tzibur at BTYA.

I juggled that for a few months, but as things dipped below a certain red line, and especially with the Yomim Noraim coming up, my inabilities, and the uncertainties, are clearly preventing me from fully giving the olom what they deserve.

That, and the reality that my focus on the Shul had the potential to hinder my healing, brought me to the decision that it would be best for all if I take a limited medical leave of absence from my duties at BTYA. Rabbi Binyamin Jacobson, known to most of the olom through his shiurim and va’adim and talks, will be “stepping up to the plate.”

President Dr. Kallus will explain all the ramifications of that decision, and the totality of what the Shul will be doing to fill the gap.

I remain ready to meet with people by appointment, and to answer most shaylos by e-mail or phone…But being a Rav of a Kehillah Kedasha is so much more, so much more….and HKBH has seen fit to remove me hopefully temporarily from that awesome-yet-zechus-filled position.

Kesivah vaChasimaah Tovah-and who knows? Yeshu’as HaShem k’heref ayin!

Thank you all

Rabbi Chaim Zev Malinowitz