Shemittah Kennes

Hundreds of men and women from a wide range of community kehillot came together this week to hear from the giants of Hilchos Shemittah, from Mechon HaTorah VeHa’aretz. The kennes was arranged to provide an understanding of how Shemittah can be kept on a stringent level of Halacha, while at the same time confronting and solving the issues at hand.

The kennes, completely in Hebrew, was simultaneously translated into English, with assistance from Best Market.

You can now download and listen to the Hebrew sichot and English translation from the kennes at Right click and choose “Save As” to save on your computer. The Hebrew sichot are in separate files, whereas the English is one long file.

We are very grateful to Best Market for assisting with the funding for the English translation. If you appreciate it, tell Effi when you see him! Also, with thanks to Mrs. Shlomit Erlich and her partner for providing the wonderful translation.



Friday Walk in Jerusalem

This past Friday, we were treated to a tiyul of some of the first Jerusalem neighborhoods outside of the Old City walls. As the guide promised, we’ve walked the area tens of times, and never even knew these places existed:
Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Yemin Moshe, Nachalat Shiva, Beit HaRav Kook, and much more!
We even got a chance to stop in to the famous King David Hotel, where visiting presidents stay when the Luz Guest Suite isn’t available.
Those of us who attended had a great time, and Rabbi Cytrin, our guide, was delightful.

כנס התעוררות

Baruch Hashem, Thursday night’s כנס התעוררות in Ulam Shabsai was well attended, with over 110 men and women coming together to hear inspirational words of  חיזוק and  התעוררות by Rav Malinowitz and Rav Kornfeld. In addition to the important messages of how to be דבק בה’ and the appreciation we should have for our miraculous bodies and the powerful brocha of  אשר יצר, a number of initiatives were introduced for both women and men that could help bring growth and closeness to Hashem every day of our lives. To find out more about the initiatives (including shiurim, Tehillim gatherings, a women’s shalom vaad and ten daily ways to be מחזק  your ‘דביקות בה), please contact or

A recording of the  כנס is available online at

The כנס, the efforts by all who participated and the undertaking of the initiatives should be a

זכות לרפואה שלימה של ישעיה שלום בן מלכה גיטל בתוך שאר חולי ישראל