Baum Family English Sefarim Gemach

לזכות רפואה שלמה לישעיה שלום בן מלכה גיטל


  1. Artscroll Ramban Al HaTorah (7 vols)
  2. Ramban Al HaTorah (Chavel edn. 5 Vols)
  3. The Guide to Serving G-d by R’Avraham Ben HaRambam
  4. Artscroll Nesiv HaTorah by Maharal
  5. Feldheim, The Kuzari
  6. A Letter For The Ages – Igeres HaRamban
  7. Guide for the Perplexed by Dove
  8. Targum Press – The Palm Tree of Devorah
  9. Feldheim – Chovos Hatalmidim
  10. The Book of Our Heritage by R’ Kitov
  11. Ohr Yisrael
  12. The Path of the Just
  13. The Way of G-d
  14. Strive for Truth (3 Vols)
  15. Shemirat Shabbat by R’ Neuwirth
  16. Faith and Trust – Chazon Ish
  17. Eim Habanim Smeicha
  18. Feldheim Duties of the Heart (2 Vols)


  1. The Maggid Speaks by R’ Krohn
  2. Once upon a Soul by R’ Teller
  3. Incredible by R’ Seltzer
  4. The Missing Peace by Gendelman and Stein
  5. Mountain Climbers by Feig
  6. Touched by a Story by Spero
  7. Visions of Greatness VII by R’ Weiss
  8. The Mexico File by Greenbaum
  9. Small Miracles by Halberstam and Leventhal
  10. When we left Yerushalayim by Krohn
  11. Touched by our Story by Spero
  12. Touched by the Seder by Spero
  13. City on Fire (September 11) by Shapiro


  1. Artscroll Mourning in Halacha by Goldberg
  2. 39 Melochos by R’ Ribiat (4 Vols)
  3. Artscroll The Laws of Yom Tov by R’ Cohen
  4. Maaser Kesafim Edited by Cyril Domb
  5. Artscroll The Laws of Tzedakah and Maaser by R’ Taub
  6. Artscroll The Shabbos Home by R’ Cohen
  7. Artscroll The Shabbos Kitchen by R’ Cohen
  8. Artscroll Children in Halacha by R’ Cohen
  9. Artscroll The Laws of Kashrus by R’ Forst
  10. Artscroll The Laws of Niddah (2 Vols) by R’ Forst
  11. Feldheim The Halachos of Brochos (2 Vols and Handbook)
  12. Eilu V’eilu by R’Enkin
  13. The Jewish law of Inheritance by R’ Grunewald
  14. The Modest Way by R’ Ellinson
  15. Oz Vahadar Levusha by R’ Falk
  16. Feldheim Hilchos Nidda (2 Vols)
  17. Feldheim Hilchos Pesach  (2 vols)
  18. Feldheim The Laws of the Three Weeks
  19. Feldheim Hilchos Shabbos (2 Vols)
  20. Feldheim Hilchos Tefillin
  21. Targum Press – Yom Tov Sheini Kehilchoso
  22. Halachos of Educating Children by R’ Neuwirth
  23. Hilchot V’Halachot R’ Enkin
  24. Artscroll The Festivals in Halacha by R’ Zevin (3 Vols)


  1. Introduction to Horeb by R’ Grunfeld
  2. Horeb by R’ Shimshon Refael Hirsh
  3. Tefillin by R’ Kaplan
  4. The Mitzvot by R’ Chill
  5. Arscroll The Fifth Commandment
  6. Tefillin the Inside Story by R’ Emmanuel
  7. Set in Stone by R’ Levene
  8. Jewish Symbolism by R’ Hirsch
  9. The Jewish Year by R’ Hirsch


  1. Frameworks by R’ Weinberg (4 vols)
  2. Shem Mishmuel
  3. Eretz Yisrael in the Parsha by R’ Lichtman
  4. Through the Prism of Torah by R’ Roberts
  5. Covenant and Conversation by R’ Sacks
  6. The Treasure Within by R’ Shooter
  7. Essays on Ethics by R’ Sacks


  1. Artscroll The Rishonim
  2. Artscroll The Early Achronim
  3. Reb Shlomo Freifeld
  4. Reb Nosson Tzvi
  5. Reb Moshe
  6. Rav Soloveitchik Ed. R’ Genack
  7. Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch
  8. Reb Yaakov
  9. Learning to Live – R’ Elyashiv
  10. All for the Boss – Shain
  11. My Uncle the Netziv
  12. Rebbetzin Kanievsky
  13. Rav Avigdor Miller
  14. Out of the Depths – R’ Lau
  15. Maran Harav Ovadia
  16. Rav Scheinberg


  1. Timeless Parenting by Wolpin
  2. Positive Parenting by R’ Twersk
  3. Two Halves of a Whole by Abramov
  4. Rigshei Lev by R’ Nissel
  5. BShaah Tova by Finkelstein
  6. To Kindle a Soul by R’ Keleman
  7. Marriage by R’ Pliskin
  8. Happy Birthday by Rappaport
  9. Off the Derech by Margolese
  10. Our Family our Strength by Abramov
  11. In Laws by R’ Twerski and Averick
  12. Chinuch in Turbulent Times
  13. To Become One by R’ Tauber
  14. Planting & Building by R’ Wolbe


  1. The Persisitence of Faith by R’ Sacks
  2. Future Tense by R’ Sacks
  3. The Dignity of Difference by R’ Sacks
  4. Tradition in an Untraditional Age by R’ Sacks
  5. Arguments for the Sake of Heaven by R’ Sacks
  6. To Heal a Fracture World by R’ Sacks
  7. The Home we build Together by R’ Sacks
  8. Covenantal Imperatives by Wurzburger
  9. Confrontation – the Existential Thought of R’ Soloveitchik by R’ Kolitz
  10. Varieties of Jewish Experience by R’ Lichtenstein
  11. By His Light: Character and Values in the Service of God by R’ Lichtenstein
  12. Leaves of Faith by R’ Lichtenstein (2 Vols)
  13. Majesty and Humility by R’ Ziegler
  14. The Lonely Man of Faith by R’ Soloveitchik
  15. The Halachik Mind by R’ Soloveitchik
  16. Family Redeemed by R’ Soloveithcik
  17. Halachic Man by R’ Soloveitchik
  18. The Emergence of Ethical Man by R’ Soloveitchik
  19. Beyond Your Ego by Mishell
  20. From Pulpit to Couch by R’ Twerski
  21. It’s not as tough as you think by R’ Twerski
  22. Seek Sobriety Find Serenity by R’ Twerski
  23. Self-Improvement? – I’m Jewish by R’ Twerski
  24. Teshuva Through Recovery by R’ Twerski
  25. Living Each Day by R’ Twerski
  26. Visions of the Fathers by R’ Twerski
  27. Encounters by R’ Kaplan
  28. Inner Space by R’ Kaplan
  29. The Thinking Jewish Teenageres Guide to Life by R’ Tatz
  30. Self Esteem by R’ Tauber
  31. The Little Book for big worries by R’ Rubinstein
  32. Stop Surviving Start Living by R Shafier
  33. Jewish Meditation by R’ Kaplan
  34. Mediation and Kabbalah by R’ Kaplan
  35. The Garden of Emunah by R’ Arush
  36. The Nineteen Letters by R’ SR Hirsch
  37. The Dimension Beyond by R’ Lorberbaum
  38. Nachas Ruach by Fish
  39. The Jewish Self by R’ Kagen
  40. The Choice to Be by R’ Kagen
  41. The Book About You by R’ Green
  42. Will, Freedom and Destiny by R’ Tatz
  43. Self-Esteem in the Talmud by R’ Roll
  44. Torah Umadda by R’ Lamm
  45. The Two Way Channel by R’ Baharan


  1. The River the Kettle and the Bird R’ Feldman
  2. Finding Light in the Darkness by R’ Rosenblatt
  3. The Rav – Thinking Aloud
  4. Relevance by R’ Roth
  5. By the Sweat of Your Brow by Schnall
  6. The Maggid Speaks by R’ Krohn
  7. People of the Book by R’ Levene
  8. This Way Up by R’ Heller
  9. The Juggler and the King by R’ Feldman
  10. Torah Perspectives by R’ Gifter
  11. The Eye of a Needle – Aish Hatorah
  12. Love Your Neighbor by R’ Pliskin
  13. With Hearts Full of Faith by R’ Salomon
  14. As in Heaven so on Earth by R’ Tauber
  15. Days are coming by R’ Tauber
  16. Darkness before Dawn by R’ Tauber
  17. Living Kabbalah by R’ Benyosef
  18. Business Ethics a Jewish Perspective by Pava
  19. Inner Peace R’ Roll
  20. The World of Prayer by R’ Monk
  21. Torah Patterns by R’ Emmanuel
  22. The Chofetz Chaim on Awaiting Mashiach
  23. To Dwell in the Palace by R’ Leff
  24. Touched by a Story by Spero
  25. A Unique Perspective by Rav Breur
  26. Selected Writings by Rav Shimon Schwab (2 Vols)
  27. The Chofetz Chaim Looks at Life
  28. All for the Best by Shain
  29. Rav Schwab on Prayer
  30. Step by Step by R’ Weinberger
  31. The Torah Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom by R’ Slifkin
  32. Too Little and Too Late by R’ Frand
  33. A Bridge called Prayer by R’ Alpren
  34. Faith in G-d versus Human Effort by Weinroth
  35. The Confused World of Modern Atheism by R’ Averick
  36. Bridging the Gap by R’ Fertig
  37. The Universe Testifies by R’ Miller
  38. Patterns in Time Vol 1 Rosh Hashana by R’ Weinberg
  39. Patterns in Time Vol 8 Channukah by R’ Weinberg
  40. Defending the Human Spirit by R’ Goldstein
  41. An Introduction to Jewish Civil Law by Cohen
  42. Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust by Eliach
  43. Daas Torah by R’ Eidensohn
  44. Faces and Facets by R’ Kaplan
  45. Faith & Folly by R’ Hillel
  46. The Legacy by R’ Wein and R Goldstein
  47. The Path of Torah by The Netziv
  48. Living Inspired by R’ Tatz
  49. Food for Thought by R’ Landesman
  50. Anatomy of a Search by R’ Tatz
  51. To Vanquish the Dragon by Benisch
  52. There are no basketball courts in Heaven by R’ Landesman
  53. Collected Writings of R’ Samson Raphael Hirsch (9 Vols)
  54. Shemoeh Esreh by R’ Leff
  55. Thoughts for the Month of Elul by R’ Nebensal
  56. Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews by R’ Kahane
  57. Love Your Neighbour by R’ Pliskin
  58. The Majesty of Rosh Hashana by R’ Cohen
  59. We are not alone by Cohen